Hello 👋

I’m Karthik Muthuswamy, a software developer and data journalist based in Stockholm. I enjoy creating visual data stories using interactive storytelling techniques. All the stories and analyses on this website are created by me unless stated otherwise.

My interests

I’m an outdoor person. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing sports. On holidays, you can find me doing outdoor activities in the mountains or on the sea such as hiking 🧗, skiing ⛷, wild camping ⛺️, kayaking 🛶, etc.

I also enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts. You can find some of my favourites including my book reviews here. I’m always happy to discuss them.

Education and work experience

I have two Master’s: MS in Computer Science and MA in Data Journalism.

I have been working with software/data development since 2011. In addition to that, I have also been working with data journalism since 2020.

Software and technology: I have experience in several platforms and programming languages. My LinkedIn profile.

Data journalism: This website is my portfolio as a data journalist. You can find the stories I created as part of the major project for my Master’s in data journalism here.

Techniques and tools used in this website

This website was created with a lot of care. It was possible because of the support of the following open-source and/or free applications:

  • Data and tech: Python, Pandas, Plotly, etc
  • Visualisation tools: Flourish, Datawrapper, Plotly, RawGraphs, Scrollama
  • Blog CMS and project manager: Notion.
  • Web development: Javascript, Bootstrap, Jekyll, etc

I have explained why I create stories in the way I do here, and the interactive techniques I have used here.


Do you want to give feedback or just want to discuss something? Did you find something interesting while exploring the graphs? It is potentially a new story! Your thoughts/suggestions are highly valuable to me - don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter @karthik_muth, LinkedIn or Email.