Swedish elections 2022

In a series of analyses, I have reported on political issues such as immigration, gender inequality, polarisation, representation in local government, etc ahead of the elections on September 11th.

I created a visual history to take the readers back to the time:

I visualised the different perspectives on the top political issues – that did not get proportional attention in mainstream media. I analyzed the major Swedish media to explore the attention differernt politicians get.

I highlighted the gender inequality in the lesser-known local government in one of the most gender-equal countries in the world.

Note: You can explore the data using the charts found at the end of the article.

My sources include reports from the research institutions, discussions with experts and data from various governmental institutions and research publications.

I created most of the following articles using scrollytelling and other interactive techniques.

Story   Scrolly movement-/Interaction type
Multiculturalism   Move across time
Crime and other political issues   Move across categories
Political identification   Move across categories
Gender inequality   Move across space on map
Trending politicians   Live updates
Diversity in Swedish regions   Personalisation

*Note: All these stories have two types of Jensen’s Interactivity: transmissional with popup information and consultational in visualising the same data on multiple charts.*


A visual history of "multiculturalism" in Sweden - and the society's attitude towards it

Immigration Integration Diversity Scrolly

Crime is the most important issue – but it depends on who you ask

Crime societal problems Environment Scrolly

How men became more right-wing than women in Sweden

Polarisation Political position Party sympathy Scrolly

How gender equal are the Swedish municipal councils?

Gender inequality Local government Party representation Maps Scrolly

Ebba Busch is the most googled politician ahead of the elections

Media analysis Party leaders Live

Explore: How diverse is your municipality?

Society Diversity Maps